This website is designed to be links to enology and viticulture resources with the occasional blog about wines tasted.

This began as more of a personal blog. However, over the last year, it has gradually metamorphosed into a collection of resources on winemaking practices or the much more site-specific subject, growing grapes.

How should you use this blog? However you like, but the sidebars will be the most useful since they link to sources where the information is sound. They are either fact-checked, or in the case of blogs, the author is a reliable source.

Some links are posts where I summarize my reading on a specific topic. Thus, the blog posts are more likely to be relevant to me alone, than beneficial to everyone. However, if you are interested in reading them….recent blog posts continue to change, but anything more than a month old is probably in a steady state.

Steph is studying viticulture and enology while living in the Delta.


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