References for the Bookshelf

A list of materials for the bookshelf that is constantly being updated.
R = reference (to look up stuff)
E = educational (for explanations)

Most enology books are expensive and not necessarily up to date. As reference material, it takes some time to look up information but Principles and Practices of Winemaking is probably one of the few things out there.

Wine Grape Varieties in California ($30) R
ANR Weeds of California ($100) R
ANR Cover Cropping in Vineyards ($20) E
Pongracz, D.P. Rootstocks for Grapevines. (out of print) R
Proceedings of the Soil Environment and Vine Mineral Nutrition Symposium 2004. ($50) R/E
*ASVO Seminar Proceedings ($35)

Organic Viticulture
ANR Compost Production and Utilization ($5) E
IPM Natural Enemies ($30) R
CAFF Hedgerows for California Agriculture (free) R/E
Flower Flies (Syrphidae) and Other Biological Control Agents for Aphids (free) R

Vino Italiano ($23) E/R

Principles and Procedures of Statistics. R.G.D. Steel, J.H. Torrie & D.A. Dickey. McGraw-Hill, Publisher, 3rd Edition, 1997. ($unk) E/R

*not reviewed yet


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