So I fiddled with the kitchen “experiments” from the fall, checking on their status. I’d experimented with different recipes last season and it was about time to evaluate them. Were they destined for the drain or perfectly appetizing? The red wine vinegar didn’t turn into vinegar and the meyer lemon vodka was floral but much too sour. Strangely enough, the winner of the pack was the vin de peche! Four months ago I nearly threw it out it was so weird. Thank heavens I didn’t. The aroma is completely almond now. Less sugar would be better but it’s still a delightful apertif. The recipe got a trial run last year but I didn’t like the results. A French coworker suggested improvements to the recipe since his hometown makes this stuff by the liter. And here are the mods.

Vin de peche
750 mL full-bodied red (used Alderbrook Zin), 0.5 cups cognac (used Korbel), 120 or so peach leaves (late-season leaves), 2 cups sugar (could probably do with less). Topped off with more wine. Racked off the leaves at two months. Supposedly ready to drink then, but don’t do it. Ignore it and wait.


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